Our Vision

Vesco harnesses the efficiency of insects to produce high quality animal feed from food waste

We reconstruct food systems to contribute to more equitable and environmentally sound food production. Our main objectives are to reduce the environmental impact of food, support economic development while increasing food security and promoting a circular economy model for the global food industry.

Our insect-based feed products provide a natural, nutritious and sustainable alternative to current animal feeds on the market, which are primarily made from soy and fishmeal. These feeds are associated with biodiversity loss, deforestation, depleting fish stocks and price flucations. Rising global demand for animal products coupled with sharp increases in the price of soy and fishmeal present a need to find more environmentally and economically sustainable feed sources.

Our products are:

NATURAL Insects are a natural component of many fish and poultry species’ diets, unlike soy and fishmeal

NUTRITIOUS Insects are rich in protein, fat and contain valuable B vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorous

SUSTAINABLE Our insects are reared on food industry by-products, providing a means by which to address food waste and pollution. They also require relatively little water and land to produce a high volume of protein

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